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Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals assist clients, both commercial and residential, with their stormwater management and design needs from the town and county level to the state level. Total Stormwater Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive plans of action catered to fit their needs.  We will take the time to educate Homeowners Associations and their residents with best practices for stormwater management facilities.  Total Stormwater Solutions works closely with our clients to remediate their stomrwater management facilities based on current state and local regulations.


  • Stormwater management systems investigation

  • Notification of Violation consultation, liaison between facility owner/s and VSMP authority or locality, and remediation services.

  • Developing plan of action for maintenance of stormwater facilities

  • Stormwater management facilities education for HOA's and their residents

  • Private residential stormwater management facility education

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