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Once rainwater falls on a hard surface it becomes stormwater.  There are many types of pollutants stormwater picks up as it makes its way into stormwater facilities. Stormwater facilities are not always ponds and they’re not always above ground. There are a wide variety of stormwater facilities located above and below ground ranging from rain gardens, tree boxes, ponds, to underground detention systems. These systems play an important role in removing pollution and controlling the flow of stormwater runoff. Local governments and private property owners are responsible for managing stormwater runoff and we are here to help. All stormwater facilities require maintenance and Total Stormwater Solutions services them all!


  • Prepare and perform annual stormwater maintenance programs.

  • Repair and rehabilitate existing stormwater facilites to meet jurisdiction standards.

  • Prepare an annual inspection program providing biannual inspections with Professional Engineered sealed or Virgina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) certified inspection reports.


Bioretention-Filterra Tree Boxes

Bioretention-Filterra Tree Boxes are a very popular choice for stormwater management.  Proper vegetation, soil media, and annual maintenance and inspections are very important or issues become very costly to repair.

Manufactured Best Management Practices

Many commercial and residential developments have underground stormwater facilities that have filtration cartridges and pre-treatment devices.  These products require annual maintenance to ensure they are in proper working order and help minimize costly replacements.  TSS uses an industrial vacuum/jetting truck to flush and vacuum these vaults.

Underground Detention Facilities

Underground detention facilities are designed to control peak flows from storm events, and limit downstream flooding. These facilities are prone to accumulation sediment and debris and if left untreated sediment accumulation can impede drainage flow and cause facilities to deteriorate and damage structural stability. TSS provide annual maintenance and inspections as well as facility rehabilitation services. TSS uses an industrial vacuum/jetting truck to remove accumulated sediment, trash, and debris. Some facilities are so damaged and deteriorated they either need to be replaced or relined.  

Stormwater Ponds

There are two kinds of stormwater ponds: retention and extended detention ponds. Retention ponds or wet ponds are designed to provide permanent storage of stormwater runoff. Detention ponds or dry ponds are designed to provide temporary storage of stormwater runoff for a short period. Regardless of pond design, each type requires regular maintenance in order to maintaining healthy vegetative growth, prevent accumulated sediments, and improve pond longevity and functionality.

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