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Annual, Biannual, and Quarterly Inspections

Total Stormwater Solutions provides certified inspections of the following but not limited to stormwater drainage collection and treatment systems such as catch basins, grates, sand filters, infiltration trenches, pretreatment devices, green roofs, detention/retention ponds, vaults, inlets, outfalls, drainage channels/pipes, swales, and engineered BMPs (Contech, BaySaver, ADS, HydroTech). Annual, quarterly, and monthly inspection and maintenance reports by VA License Professional Engineer and/or VA Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater Management Combined Administrators/Inspectors based on current state regulatory standards.


  • Inspections of Contech facilities and systems by Contech Certified Maintenance Providers such as Contech underground StormFilters, JellyFish filters, Filterra planter boxes, CDS, Vortechs

  • Inspections of BaySaver systems and facilities such as BayFilters, Barracuda, and BaySeparators

  • Inspection of bioretention vegetation plantings for disease, replacement, and overall health and conditions.

  • Inspections are performed with permitted and non permitted Confined Space Entry

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